Test Drive for CS5

It has been a busy day here at PPAC! We opened our facilities to the public today to explore the exciting new Photoshop CS5 version. Despite the insane heat early in the day, and the downpour later in the day, many people have made their way in to have some fun and learn something new about the latest Photoshop.

Admittedly, the program is much to large to tackle in one day. So, we’re taking a look at some of the new implementations that Adobe has included in PS CS5 (ie puppet warp, and the highly anticipated content-aware). There has been a lot to cover in such a short period of time, but so far we’ve been able to look at a lot of what makes the program so interesting and useful.

It has been a great experience for everyone who has come in so far- whether they be Photoshop gurus, or someone trying it out for the first time- and I’m glad we had the opportunity to share our facility and knowledge with the public.

Thanks to everyone who has come in today to check it out, we appreciate the visit!