*work pictured by Elaine Stocki

Works by:

Yasser Aggour
Kelli Connell
Gregory Crewdson
La Toya Ruby Frazier
Beate Gütschow
Bradley Peters
Taryn Simon
Chad States
Elaine Stocki

The photographs featured in True Fiction exist between truth and fantasy, working within the lines of the documentary and tableau genres.  With the onslaught of digital imaging technology, it is increasingly more difficult to believe in the idea of photographic truth. From Facebook to newscasts, our culture is oversaturated with a phenomenal amount of imagery whose original source will always be unknown. Photo manipulation, however, has always been connected to the process of image making. Contemporary photography has built upon the documentary genre, expanding into an endless array of photographic expressions.
As the debate of truth within the photographic medium recedes, a renewed interest in access has taken its place. These photographers provide us access into unseen worlds of vulnerability and secrecy, revealing unique physical and psychological spaces. True Fiction illustrates the numerous and complex new perspectives in photography by exploring the perceptual gaps between artifice and the authentic experience.