I thought since Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) 2010 begins this weekend I would write about one of the participants. Further, Noah is a client of PPAC and I had the pleasure of helping print his work just this afternoon. Which, by the way, will be exhibited at The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) during the next couple months. Noah is a 2010 CFEVA fellowship award winner and will be hosting tours of his studio at the center, located at 1521 Locust St. in center city Philadelphia, on October 2nd and 3rd, from noon to 6pm.

Noah has been involved in documentary photography for more than fifteen years and has an extensive artist’s resume. He has had his work published in major newspapers including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He has won several awards for his photography including the team Pulitzer Prize in 2005. His latest work, which I have seen first hand and was able to speak to him about involves the investigation of squatter settlements abroad. Communities that have populations that rival some of the worlds largest cities, yet exist outside developed society. As of now Noah has two series under the monicker “Future Cities”. One from Lima and one from Brazil.

Upon first seeing the work, I was immediately impressed. Something in the work, the quiet, the sadness, the seeming lack of vibrancy. His eye is also in keeping with photography I find very interesting. Although, these works can be viewed as documentary, they also possess the quality of fine art images. His choice of subjects, how he composes in the frame, and what he chooses for the viewer to see, and further, not see, all work together to create very compelling images.

This is really only a brief account of the artist. For more info follow this link to Noah Addis’s website.

I’ll share a couple of his images to give an example.

-Luke Leyden, PPAC