Well, it’s already a week into October and Philly Photo Day is quickly approaching (Oct. 28). If you haven’t heard already this is an event created and sponsored by PPAC, to celebrate it’s one year anniversary.

A quick explanation:
On October 28th, be in Philadelphia. Take a photo somewhere in the city (you only get one so make it count!) and submit it digitally to PPAC (info@philaphotoarts.com). We take your submitted photo, print it, and put it on display in the Gray Area gallery located in the Crane Arts building.

We will have an opening reception on Thursday November 11, and hopefully hundreds (or thousands) of people will come to look at the work and have a super good time! There are no real guidelines, this is a free form exhibition. You just need to make a photo in Philadelphia, and submit it to us on October 28th. Poof, you’re done! There is no reason to miss this, I know I’ll be participating!

_Luke Leyden, PPAC