Help Celebrate with Philly Photo Day!

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) is designating October 28, 2010 as Philly Photo Day. We are asking anyone to take a picture in Philadelphia on this day, and submit it electronically to PPAC. We hope to receive hundreds if not thousands of images that will constitute a broad portrait of Philadelphia on that day. Then on Thursday, November 11, 2010 PPAC will open an exhibition of the submitted images in the Gray Area at the Crane Arts Building.

This event celebrates PPAC’s early success in strengthening the connection between Philadelphians and photography. Through its workshops, exhibitions, artist talks, book signings, critiques and other programs, PPAC has already reached thousands of people. For some, it has been an introduction to artists about whom they would not have known; for others, it has been valuable technical training, and for still others it has been access to essential photo-making tools. In all cases, PPAC has improved the understanding that Philadelphians have about images and image making. This is increasingly important as photographs saturate our lives, and the ability to decipher and create images is an ever-more-critical communication skill.

Building on this first year of successful efforts to engage people with photography, Philly Photo Day is designed to give the largest number of people the opportunity to consider how they want to represent themselves and their city, and how they can do that through a single photograph. In this way, Philly Photo Day will celebrate photography and Philadelphia. In the case of photography, it will show off the medium’s remarkable ability to preserve a moment, to communicate an idea, to simultaneously act as a document and a point of view, and to bring together a broad range of thoughts and ideas into a single initiative. For Philadelphia, it will be an unusually diverse and democratic record of the city at a moment in its history.

Please join us on this day, and be a part of this exciting event celebrating our city!
For more information please call PPAC, 215.232.5678

Philly Photo Day is in part generously sponsored by:
City Paper
Crane Arts
Gallery 339
The Artblog
Trinity Framing