I didn’t have a chance to upload everyone’s photo, but here are a few from over 300 images. Thanks everyone for your participation. Quite a few images sold, supporting the artist and PPAC. If you missed the opening there is still a chance to see the show in the Grey Area @ Crane Arts, 1400 N. American, until November 20, 2010. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 12:00-8:00pm and Friday-Saturday from 12:00-6:00pm.

All the photographs in the exhibition will be on sale for $10 for a 5×7 inch print and $20 for an 8.5×11 inch print.

292, Photo by Matthew Faisetty


312, Photo by Sarah Stolfa

123, Photo by Gregg Krantz

100, Photo by Dover Hoodwink

099, Photo by Daniel Hofnick

098, Photo by Robert Hill

096, Photo by Judy Heller Friedman

088, Photo by Jonathan Greene

076, Photo by Beth Fox

074, Photo by Marci Fleet

067, Photo by Joshua Erb

061, Photo by Kamila Dyjas

054, Photo by Jesse Delaney

036, Photo by Jack Cavanaugh

317, Photo by Jeannie Pearce

321, Photo by Edward McHugh

241, Photo by Robert Stauffer

234, Photo by Heather Sizemore

211, Photo by Marie Alyse Rodriguez

193, Photo by Rob Patterson

180, Photo by Susan Nam

168, Photo by Nancy Bea Miller

155, Photo by Scout McCallan

114, Photo by Randall King

109, Photo by Patti Kelly

027, Photo by Art Braitman

005, Photo by Noah Addis