Sarah Stolfa and Brian McManus recently shared their stories and knowledge of bars in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. Listen to the podcast here. Warning! This recording contains explicit content.


When Brian McManus came to Philadelphia from Houston to work as the Music and Food editor for The Philadelphia Weekly, he knew he’d have to get to know the city.  He did it the best way he knew how: to spend a year visiting every neighborhood dive bar in the 215 area code.  The end result was some tension in his marriage, some liver damage, and the first dive bar guide for the City of Brotherly Love.

Sarah Stolfa began working at McGlinchey’s as a way to pay the rent while waiting for her punk rock band to take off.  Ten years later she was still tending bar, no longer in a band, working on an MFA from Yale in Photography.  Stolfa’s first book, The Regulars, is a collection of portraits of her regulars: the return customers who make McGlinchey’s their home away from home.  Stolfa is now the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.