Read below to see the nice review written by Edith Newhall at The Inquirer!

The Philadelphia Photo Art Center’s Third Annual Exhibition and Competition is sprawling, but it clearly was chosen carefully by its jurors Kathy Ryan, director of photography for the New York Times Magazine, and Natasha Egan, director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.
There’s an emphasis on documentary and staged work, but all current trends in photography are represented except for works made using early methods of photography and developing and printing techniques.
A few photographs that stopped me in my tracks include Tim Gruber’s Dreams Relocated (2010), a color photograph of a large, new shingle-style beach house being prepared to be moved (its proximity to the ocean is frankly jaw-dropping); Rachel Cox’s jarring, school-of-Zoe Strauss portrait of a middle-aged woman, Mind Meld (2012), and David Mitchell’s AB 053 (2011), one of the few abstract works in this show, a pigmented ink print that suggests a constructivist painting and anything by Joseph Albers, but is probably an arrangement of monochromatic textiles on paper.

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Through Sept. 8.