Philly Photo Day is right around the corner on Friday, October 26th!  We’re making big changes this year, literally.  We’ll blow up 250 Philly Photo Day pictures and exhibit them on local buses, trains and billboards to create a roving public exhibition.  One of those pictures could be yours.
But we need your help.
That’s why we’re announcing our 2012 Kickstarter campaign!
Kickstarter is an  innovative fundraising tool that allows lots of people to contribute  small amounts of money, adding up to something huge.  We’ve set our goal at raising at least $5,000 in the next 30 days from supporters like you.  And for every gift over $10, you’ll receive a great incentive from PPAC like a tote bag, t-shirt or individual tutorial.
What makes Kickstarter so unique is that it’s an all or nothing campaign.  PPAC either raises a minimum of $5,000 or not one single dollar.
On Philly Photo Day we’ll invite everyone in Philadelphia to take a photograph.  Then we’ll print and exhibit every single picture we receive for a unique exhibition of a day in the life of Philadelphia.  Last year almost 900 people participated.  This year our goal is 2,000!
We’ll also send teaching artists to community centers throughout Philadelphia on Philly Photo Day.  These artists will provide instruction and camera access to anyone who needs them, virtually eliminating any barriers to participation.
Help us give everyone in Philadelphia the chance to be an artist, at least for a day, by making a pledge today.