Only 4 more days until Philly Photo Day!  Here are some more tips to consider when you’re out taking your photo:


Don’t put poles behind people’s heads

  • Make sure you really look at your image through your lens before you take the picture.  People often shoot too quickly and the result can leave strange objects look like they’re coming out of the subjects body.

Change up your angle 

  • Try a new creative angle – lay down, get on a ladder, shoot through a material, anything you can think of!

Get close, but not too close

  • The age old problem, not being close enough to your subject. So move closer!! But not so close that we can see every pore in their skin.

Fill the frame

  • Again, look at your image through the lens before you take the picture.  Is there too much dead space?  Try to fill your frame with the scene.

Look at the edges of your frame

  • Make sure you aren’t cutting something off!  It’s very important to, again, look at your image through the lens!

Leave enough space to crop

  • You can always crop in photoshop, but you cannot add space to a photo. So make sure you leave yourself ample room to work with!