And here are your daily tips!


Try catching someone mid-gesture

  • Instead of taking a formal portrait, try your luck photographing someone while they’re in the middle of a conversation, action, etc. You may be surprised with your outcome!

Don’t always put the subject in the middle!

  • Photography is a way to be creative, so put some effort into it.  Try different variations of your picture, and don’t always put the subject in the center of the frame.

Look for complementary colors

  • One of the greatest things about taking a photograph is the colors you capture.  Look at your surroundings and try to find complementary colors, or even colors that look interesting to you!

Try showing space in your pictures so they aren’t flat

  • We all know a photograph is 2D, but showing depth in your photograph can really create some interesting scenes.  When you’re taking your photo, try to create some space between subjects and background to make it more interesting.

Even the banal can be beautiful

  • You don’t need to go to the ends of the Earth to find an interesting photograph.  It can be on your sidewalk, in your home, or on your way to work.


  • Take as many photographs as you possibly can, and then take 10 more!