RH Gallery has announced their upcoming opening of A Discourse on Plants, a group of exhibition featuring 34 contemporary artists. Including PPAC’s own member, Daniel Traub. 

Other artists include:
Darren Almond
Soledad Arias
Wolfgang Ellenrieder
Atsushi Fukui
Micah Ganske
April Gornik
Jeff Grant
Jefferson Hayman
Judith Hoffman
Katie Holten
Naomi Safran-Hon
Naoki Koide
Tanya Marcuse
Didier Massard
Scott Mcfarland
Jason Middlebrook
Richard Mosse
Shayok Mukhopadhyay
Vik Muniz
David Nash
John O’Reilly
Alejandro Almanza Pereda
Rona Pondick
Jon Robson
Cristina Lei Rodriguez
Shen Shaomin
Jennifer Steinkamp
Katy Stone
Paul Swenbeck
Steve Tobi
Daniel Traub
Phoebe Washburn
Sterling Well Yi Zhou
On view at RH gallery from March 2nd through May 31st, the exhibition showcases the regal, pervasive, and occasionally ominous plant life confronted in contemporary art.  Presenting depictions ranging from the cultivated and domestic to what Werner Herzog memorably described as “the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder”, the exhibition demonstrates the ways in which plants function as markers, metaphors and subjects as an anthropocentric world.  Rather than focusing on one particular approach, the exhibition embraces a multiplicity of contemporary artistic practice demonstrating political, art historical and social strata through plant life.
Opening reception:
RH Gallery
137 Duane Street
Saturday,  March 2nd,
6-8 pm