Recent Graduates

June 10 – August 2, 2013 Exhibition sites: Art Gallery at City Hall and display cases on 1st, 2nd and 4th Floors, NE corner.
Submissions due: May 3, 2013, 4 pm. Art Gallery at City Hall Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy 116 City Hall Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 686-9912 email:
Jury: Members of AICH Exhibitions Advisory Committee
Art In City Hall issues a call for artists for the upcoming exhibition in historic City Hall focused on recent graduates from art colleges from the Philadelphia region.
Recognizing the Philadelphia region for its large number of quality art programs, the next exhibition aims to highlight the next crop of emerging artists soon to impact Philadelphia’s vibrant visual arts scene. We are looking for artists who have graduated from a Philadelphia area art institution within the past three years or artists who will graduate by June of this year
As an emerging artist, this is an opportunity for you to feature your work in historic City Hall, and be part of a growing community of artists. 
Art In City Hall presents exhibitions that showcase contemporary artwork by emerging and professional visual artists from the Philadelphia region. Encompassing a variety of mediums, techniques, and subjects, this municipal program is committed to presenting a diversity of ideas and artistic explorations. The program strives to link visual artists with the larger community by providing the public with a greater knowledge and appreciation of their artistic achievements. 
Rules for Entry 
Open to recent graduates within the past three years, and soon-to-be graduates (by this June) when the exhibition begins.
Exhibition Sites 
Exhibitions are generally presented in the public spaces of City Hall. Recent Graduates will be showcased in the Art Gallery at City Hall, which is part of the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Room 116 (near the East Portal Market St. entrance – first floor) and hallway display cases on the first, second and fourth floors (near the Offices of the Mayor and City Council Chambers).
Exhibition display case dimensions are 84” H x 94” W x 30”D. There are 10 display cases. The Art Gallery is 800 square feet of space. Works that exceed the dimensions of the display cases will be featured in the gallery.
1. Deadline for submission: Received by Friday, June 10, 2013. No exceptions.
There is no entry fee. 
2. Please submit up to 4 works as jpegs on a CD. Each image should be no larger than 1MB. Please call or email if you have questions.
3. Each jpeg file name should correlate with the entry form. You may include up to 3 details of each work.
4. Each artist must include a brief artist statement (no longer than two paragraphs) and resume as Word documents or PDFs.
5. Return the completed entry form with your digital submission and include a S.A.S.E ONLY if you wish to have your disc returned to you.
6. If you are unable to submit work in a digital format, please contact Art In City Hall for assistance.
Selection and Installation of Exhibition 
Accepted artists will be notified by phone or email. You can call to verify submission status. All work must be in good condition and ready for installation (i.e., hooks, wires, etc.). Artists are responsible for assisting with installation of works which require special attention or extensive
demands of time. The City, the Art In City Hall Exhibitions Committee and/or curators reserve the right to change the content of the exhibition, including the removal of artwork.
Delivery of Work 
The time of delivery and installation of artwork will be arranged with each participating artist after notification of acceptance. Artists or artists’ galleries are responsible for shipping and delivery of works, including transfer insurance if needed, as well as the retrieval of work at the end of the exhibition. Please do not submit work that have already been sold or are out of the Philadelphia region.
Sale of Work 
Art may be for sale. Art in City Hall is not a commercial gallery and does not take commission. All sales are between the artist and interested patron(s).
Each accepted artist will receive a loan agreement. Artwork will be insured once received by Art In City Hall and determined to be in good condition for the duration of the exhibition and installation/de-installation periods.

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