Below is a description for Gallery 339’s upcoming exhibition, ‘Pant’ opening on April 26th. Take a look below, and head to the gallery to see some truly amazing photographs!


David Graham, Miss Yvonne, Vorhees, NJ, 1991

Pant – April 26 – July 27, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, April 26, 2013, 6 – 8 pm

Please join us the evening of Friday, April 26th, from 6 to 8 pm, for the opening reception of Pant.


Jusytna Badach Karl Baden Elliot Erwitt Martine Fougeron
David Graham Yuichi Hibi Henry Horenstein Peter Hujar
George Krause Jenny Lynn Edward McHugh Mary Ellen Mark
Andrea Modica Daido Moriyama Colleen Plumb Stuart Rome
Maude Schuyler Clay Ruth Thorne-Thomsen Phillip Toledano Charles Traub

With its immediate and often casual nature, photography seems to be the ideal art form to portray dogs. Most photographers don’t set out to create a specific “dog” body of work, in the way that they pursue certain landscapes, portraits, buildings, etc. Yet dogs have a way of wandering into the frame, and once there, they are a hard subject to resist. We are captivated by the way that they interact with their environment, and us. They are just doing what dogs do—searching for food, shelter and companionship; playing; fighting; sleeping—but they navigate the world differently than we do. They are unselfconscious and instinctual. They plunge ahead in life without considering the impact of their actions. These are traits that wouldn’t work particularly well for a civil society (it would literally go to the dogs), but we can’t help admiring the simplicity and enthusiasm with which dogs engage the world.

In Pant, we are pleased to present photographs from a superb group of artists, all of whom offer a distinct view on canine behavior, from the hard-working dogs in Mary Ellen Mark’s photos of a Vietnamese circus to Elliot Erwitt’s exuberant Parisian terrier to Daido Moriyama’s classic, menacing “Stray Dog.”

Pant features work by over twenty artists, including the premier a group of portraits by Justyna Badach which feature itinerant young men and women with their dogs, as well as Jenny Lynn’s towering dog “totems.” As part of the show, we will also exhibit a selection of film critic Steven Rae’s collection of photographs of movie stars with dogs.

Photo Credits (L to R): Andrea Modica, Jonesborough, TN, 2001; Justyna Badach, Milo & Jamal, CZ, 2004; Mary Ellen Mark, Contortionist with Sweety the Puppy – Raj Kamal Circus, Upleta, India, 1989.
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