PPAC is gearing up for Philly Photo Day 2013!
Every photograph consists of thousands of pixels, with all those pixels converging into a single, sharp image.  Philly Photo Day is like that. It’s a vast panorama, formed when thousands of unique pictures rush together at a single moment in time. You can be one of those pixels. You can help capture a heart-stopping portrait of Philadelphia.
We need you.  We need your photograph on Philly Photo Day and we need your support now to make it happen. 
Plans for Philly Photo Day expansion are growing with every conversation.  20 photo-murals? Definitely! 40 Billboards? Absolutely! Satellite gallery exhibitions? Yes! But none of this will happen without you. 
With your tax-deductible donation of $100, $50, or $25, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) can print and display all the photos that make up the Philly Photo Day exhibition.  Your gift extends our reach, spreading Philly Photo Day images onto murals, billboards, and galleries all over the city. Please give to Philly Photo Day… and to the inspired thousands taking a picture together that day!
Please take a moment to make a gift at www.philaphotoarts.org/support/.  PPAC needs your help to make Philly Photo Day the day when everyone in Philadelphia can share their vision of the city.