On October 18th, PPAC will send teaching artists to 20 community centers throughout the city to provide free photography workshops. This year, participants will have the added experience of collaborating with an artist to create digital photo murals – the city’s first.
 Only with your help can PPAC provide this free creative educational experience!
Your donation creates the opportunity for the city’s underserved youth, elderly and others to create art and express their vision of the city.  For those without a camera or knowledge of digital photography, PPAC supplies cameras and instructional assistance,  but only with your help.
If you have already given to Philly Photo Day, thank you!  Thanks to generous people like you, PPAC has raised $9,595 of its $40,000 goal. Can you help us match the remaining $30,405 by making a donation today?  Your gift in support of Philly Photo Day will be doubled by the generous funding of Knight Foundation regardless of whether it’s $25, $50, $100, or more.
Philly Photo Day is a day for everyone in the city to make art.  This year, in addition to the main event and exhibition, PPAC will organize the production of 60 works of public art, including as many as 20 neighborhood photo murals created using 125 cameras.  Another 40 images will be produced as billboards and exhibited throughout the city.
I encourage you to join the creative movement and submit a photo on Philly Photo Day, and please consider making a donation today in support of free photography workshops and neighborhood photo murals on Philly Photo Day.
Philly Photo Day 2012 Free Community Center Workshop
Without the generosity and visionary thinking of PNC Arts Alive and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Philly Photo Day would not be possible. Check out the PNC Arts Alive website to find out more about each grantee and the funded programs including Philly Photo Day at www.pncartsalive.com.  You can learn more about Knight Foundation at www.knightfoundation.org.
Please give to Philly Photo Day… and to the inspired thousands taking a picture together on October 18th!